Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Candy Brook has had a slow couple of weeks in the attention whore department. But it never fails one always pops up like candycebrooke14. She loves to smoke weed and make prank phone calls. Oh, and show some booty too. She looks better in this pic maybe it's because you can't see her face.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drunk Casting

kimmyL's channel on is random. Most of the broadcasting they do is when they're drunk. This morning Kimmy drove home drunk, fell and skinned her knee, casted while her friend Christina dry humped her bi boyfriend, finished off a 40, munched down a box of crackers and killed a bottle of what looked like vodka. A few minutes ago Kelly was casting Christina outside in her undies. Total cam whores. Here's some snap shots from this morning. (click image to enlarge)


theasset was at it again. This time he ripped his shirt off for his lady fans. He swears it will be the one and only time you will see him without a shirt while broadcasting on We doubt that.