Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grandma Style

We think cowgirlstyle tries so hard to make us hard but it just backfires. Look at the picture and let us know if this was a FAP or FLOP!!! If you chose FAP then go to cardplayer's blog for some youtube videos of him...we mean her. It may change your vote. (click image to enlarge)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Candy Brook has had a slow couple of weeks in the attention whore department. But it never fails one always pops up like candycebrooke14. She loves to smoke weed and make prank phone calls. Oh, and show some booty too. She looks better in this pic maybe it's because you can't see her face.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drunk Casting

kimmyL's channel on is random. Most of the broadcasting they do is when they're drunk. This morning Kimmy drove home drunk, fell and skinned her knee, casted while her friend Christina dry humped her bi boyfriend, finished off a 40, munched down a box of crackers and killed a bottle of what looked like vodka. A few minutes ago Kelly was casting Christina outside in her undies. Total cam whores. Here's some snap shots from this morning. (click image to enlarge)


theasset was at it again. This time he ripped his shirt off for his lady fans. He swears it will be the one and only time you will see him without a shirt while broadcasting on We doubt that.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Asset had it's share of new male lifecasters this month. One of them is theasset. He likes to cast when he is sleeping and for all you ladies out there he had a special morning cast the other day. We are a bit confussed about the whole panda television thing.

Take Over

We took over this blog for a friend of ours. We have posted some of thier posts here so, enjoy those while we create some new ones.

Past Posts

Hot Blonde...NOT!
Hotblonde19 is actually a not so hot brunette. Nikki is a 19 year old self proclaimed belly dancer that also likes to sing. We haven't heard her singing yet, but bet it's just as bad as her "stripper" style of dancing.

Watch live video from hotblonde19 on

The Oldest Profession
Early mornings are the best time to catch the whores on JTV. For example this channel bobbyc23. We are not going to bother posting the highlight because it will be deleted from the archives but here are some pictures. (click to enlarge images)

Fire Crotch
We won't be seeing Lindsay's Britney anytime soon. The Razzie award nominated actress has been wearing panties lately. I don't remember her having all that ass. Nice to see her at a non drug user weight. (click image to enlarge)

1 2 3 Flash
Dontcha just love noobs. I don't think they have any clue what they are doing but they made the boys happy with a quick flash. With a channel name like haveuever, I'm sure they will be whoren
it up on again very soon. (click images to enlarge)

Darling Nikki
The girls on JTV are getting younger and younger. They also love getting your attention. If you visit Nikki's channel turn the volume down. These girls have a thing for loud screaming.

Watch live video from hellonikki on

Carmen Electra ♥'s Bradman

Carmen's Fan Site
bradmannow on

Rachael better known as loveless to her JTV fans is back. She didn't like the direction was going in so, she took a break from broadcasting. When asked to show her tits she pulled her lip down to reveal a tattoo on her lip that read "Fuck Off"! We are glad she's back. (click image to enlarge)

Why littlemomma?
What the hell was littlemomma thinking. She had her jtv account suspended in the past for showing to much skin. Today she went over the edge and showed all the goods (which looked really bad but her belly sure did look happy). We would link her channel but its been cancelled (thank God). Update: She is now back on JTV...eww.

Cross Dresser Alan
Becky is beginning to see the real Alan. The longer they date the more confused she seems. Tonight Alan had a bit too much to drink. He wore one of her bra and panty sets along with a dress. He played a bit of Dance Dance Revolution and then drunk dialed eastcoastvegas. During his call he went on a rant about how he knows for sure that the.roxie had sex with jumpoff. Alan put on one of Becky's daughter's diapers while ECV announced that JTV is more than happy to see the.roxie leave the network. (click image to enlarge)

Betsy Spice
Here is our next look a like betsysbeautyblog. One viewer thought she looked like Kirsten Dunst but we think she looks more like Victoria Beckham.

ijuicy's Back
After taking a break and detoxing from, ijuicy is back. She hasn't missed a beat either. Being less of a tease just isn't her style. More featuring ijuicy to come. (click images to enlarge)

ER Stat has quit a few chatcasters that resemble real celebrities. Like jillianlive. She named several people that she think's she looked like but we all agree here that she look's mostly like Julianna Margulies.

Cakes Update
We got your e-mails asking us if we could find out why mz Cakes wears 2 bras. She told us that the black bra is a bra and the red bra is a shirt. We are still a bit confused. (click image to enlarge)

Towel Off

Watch live video from paigeey on Justin.tvMost of us use towels to dry off after a shower. Not our friend Paigeey, she uses them to flash her viewers. Did she have a bit too much to drink with her friends before their shower? That's a big tatt btw.(click image to enlarge)

Paris on JTV?
Did Kej have you fooled? She looks like and even sounds a bit like Paris Hilton. She is a fashion merchandising student and broadcasts from home in her spare time on justin tv. She likes to bake cupcakes. andkej(click image to enlarge)

Blonde Ambition
Thanks to an annonymous e-mailer for these pictures from Blonde Ambition's channel. We went ahead and made some highlights for ya too. Her soon to be ex husband lives in Texas so, she will be on the market soon boys. Hope you have a good job because she is always asking for money. She commented that there's no food in the house yet she pays for her internet connection each month. I guess she exagerates a bit.(click image to enlarge)

Watch live video from sherease on

Watch live video from sherease on

Watch live video from sherease on

Girl Next Door No More
Doesn't she look like the girl next door? Well, unfortunately, this Air Force brat's goodie goodie days are over. It's amazing what tons of makeup and attention from boys will do to a girl. Like I said before, if you want to see a girl get naked just tell her she's FAT! Seems to work like a charm every time. hydroxic
(click image to enlarge)

Bra Flash

Watch live video from kisses4youbabe on Justin.tvHere we have some JTV attention whores who of course are way way younger than their profile pic. I would bet anything that's a picture of their mom. kisses4youbabe

Roller Who?
Remember when Janelle was Janelle, a singer trying to help promote her music career? Well that person is no longer and has since been replaced with Roller Girl. This attention whore alter ego of hers was on this morning getting viewers by broadcasting in a bath towel showing "fans" her feet. She changed into a bathing suit and cried about not being number one on the top bar. Btw, what's with the chipin $20,000 give us a break! janelle_stewart
(click image to enlarge)

Piece of CakeSo, if you haven't figured it out by now the quickest way to get the girl casters on to take their clothes off is to tell them they are fat even if they arn't. Apparently, it is really that easy. We are not sure why mzcakesx has on two bras tho. mzcakesx
Watch live video from xmzxcakesx on

Cooch Cam

Watch live video from carriescrotch on Justin.tvCarrie wants to give her viewers what they want...for a price of course. Her profile says "me giving you want you want please help with my chip in!" To bad she wasn't smart enough to realize that maybe she should get the donations first then show the goods. Another JTV dumbass! carriescrotch

She's All That is sure looking famous lately with all these celebrity look a likes. Trishie was asked in her chat by spaceguy if anyone had ever mistaken her for Rachael Leigh Cook. She exclaimed "YES, they have!" and said random strangers think she is the actress all the time. She has a very cute bunny with it's very own MySpace page. trishie

Quit Toxic!

Watch live video from cardplayer on Justin.tvSome people can not handle peer pressure. Hydroxic became victim of that pressure last night on the East Coast Vegas show. To prove to chatters that she is not fat she put on some skimpy clothes and then flashed her ass. Cardplayer replayed the drama on his channel today. Hydroxic is proving to be quite toxic... with her constant showing of thong pictures and an occasional flash to keep the viewers flocking. Being popular is so hard these days. cardplayer hydroxic

90210 Flashback has another celebrity look a like. Do you think thatsmygirl looks like Christine Elise (better known as Emilee Valentine, Brandon Walsh's girlfriend) from the show Beverly Hills 90210? thatsmygirl

At her chatters request Fluzzy showed her panties. Actually she drew a picture of panties on paper. Clever response if you ask us. We think Fluzzy looks a bit like Janeane Garofalo. She's pretty funny too. fluzzy

Look a Like
Ok so yesterday Bellebella's viewers were telling her she looked like Debra Winger. Today they seem to think she looks like Lindsay Lohan. What do you think? bellebella
Question real or is Belle's answer in chat: 7:33bellebella: lol i'm blessed by silicone valley haha

Show Your Boobs!
New chatcaster alert! Bellebella is 18 years old and lives in Australia. All of us jtv veterans know that her chat is going to be full of pervs and the most popular question will be show us your tits. We are glad to report that Bella does not want to bare it all. Since she doesn't have sound yet she made a poster in response to the question. Oh and she made one for jtvnews as well. Jtvnews did say that Bella looked a bit like Debra Winger. We agree. bellebella

Off with Your Head!
Rich's inbox got spammed today with over 50 emails requesting shoe on head. Fed up he decided to cut of his head with a guillotine! Of course it's a trick guillotine but maybe they got the message. After putting a few things on his head he took viewers on a tour of his house. Rich even wore his mum's apron...nice. MAGICRICH

A Rock Star Bong!
Another JTV wannabe rock star. She's a real winner folks. Claims to be a Manhattan girl and loves to hit up the bong. sure seems blessed with so many of these channels lately. A.rockStar

Dealer Going Steady?
In his own words Alan told his viewers he is now officially going steady, which in current terms means dating. Becky seems to be a very nice girl and has a super cute baby named Marisa. We couldn't figure out what it is about Alan that she was attracted to but it really doesn't matter. As annoying as Alan is it was nice to see him in a good mood for a change. Alan's first gift to his new girlfriend was a Pez dispenser. They look like a happy family already. Dealer